FAQ About Direct Primary Care (DPC)

What Is DPC?

  • No middle man = DPC health centers do not process insurance.
  • Direct Access to a Provider = Quality time to build a relationship.
  • Membership Based = Investing in your health for 1 monthly fee comparable to a cell phone payment = unlimited access.
  • Labs & Medications = available on site at wholesale cost

How does this Benefit Me?

  • Unlimited Access to a full service health center
  • Affordable Care
  • Accessible Care
  • On site procedures
  • On site lab draws
  • Leave your appointment with medications in hand
  • Work with a limited staff that you have a relationship with.

Do I need Insurance?

  • Not to be seen by Legacy Family Healthcare (LFHC)
  • It is important to have insurance for unforeseen emergencies and life altering events.

What Services Are Available at LFHC?

  • Wellness Exam
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • DOT Physicals
  • Sports Physicals
  • POC Testing
  • Labs & Medication Management
  • Coordinating care with specialist

Sign up under the Membership tab on our website or Contact us at info@legacyfamilyhealthcare.org if you have questions!