• Antibiotics – free or substantially reduced price
  • Major Antidepressants and Anti Anxiety
  • Statins
  • Major Blood Pressure medicines
  • Asthma medications
    Allery medications
  • Some Prescription Strength Naproxen
  • Prescription strength ibuprofen
  • Non-narcotic pain medicines
  • Prednisone
  • Nebulizer treatments / Inhalers
  • Anti-diabetic medicines – not sure about insulin – oral anti diabetics
  • Diabetic testing supplies
  • Some injectable medications – heavy duty antibiotics
  • Injective steroids
  • Some will be free, and some will be substantially reduced cost.
    A bottle of medication may cost you a dollar or less. If it’s something I do not carry a lot of times, I have a Good RX card that we can provide, and I can help you find the cheapest place.
  • Drug Screening Urine Test
  • Inhouse testing – Glucose test, instant A1C test, pregnancy tests, PT/INR, Rapid Flu, Rapid Strep, any other thing that we will send out to a lab, it will be sent to Quest Diagnostics, the full panel includes yearly testing. If we have to monitor anything in a few months – the fee would be $5 to $10.
  • Vaccinations – I am not going to be carrying anything except Flu vaccine and TDAP vaccine.
  • B12 injectible
  • Benadryl injectible
  • Depomedrol – steroid?
  • Can discuss birth control options
  • Oral & Injectable Contraception Available
  • Will be Certified Birth Control for Nexplanon and IUD – Myra and Kyleena placement