Health Care Solutions For Small Business’

Health Care Solutions For Small Business

With employer expense estimated at over $560* per employee, per month, small businesses can not compete with corporate benefit packages.  Sadly, individuals can not bear the expense of health insurance solely on their own either.  Therefore, employees are seeking  healthcare coverage anchored to their employment in hopes of providing for their families.

DPC offers a quality – yet affordable – solution for all parties involved!

Quality Health Care addressing 90% of your healthcare needs and starts as low as $65 per month.  Expanded healthcare plans are available to offer coverage to dependents and families.  This option saves small business owners thousands per year!

Invest in your employees by partnering with LFHC! 

By covering the cost of their monthly membership you effectively accomplish the following:

•Improve the health of your employees.
•Reduce absenteeism.
•Improve employee retention.
•Show your employees you value them.

Let us assist you!  We will be happy to meet with staff on site for a meet and greet as well as to assist with the sign up processes.

Contact us at to get started!


* KFF Employer Health Benefits Survey, 2021