What Makes Care With LFHC Patient Focused?

What Makes Care with a DPC Provider at LFHC Patient Focused?

At LFHC we encourage the patient to talk, communicate and express concerns.  By not billing a 3rd party payer we are able to set our schedule giving proper time to focus on your needs.  Our providers have the autonomy to practice with your needs in mind, you will not get lost in a referral system or be passed from provider to provider.

Our motto is: Your. Life. Matters. which means that you matter as a whole person!  You are not just a patient or viewed as a diagnosis!

We never want you to feel rushed! Establishment visits typically take 45 minutes.  This allows us time to obtain a full health history and build a relationship.  Then we work to establish a plan of care that meets your needs.  Small changes add up.  Every healthy choice counts!

All laboratory services are available onsite –  drawn at the time of your visit!  No need to reschedule – You are busy enough!

Over 80 medications are available in house and you will most likely leave your appointment with medications in hand.

Point of Care testing is available to diagnosis flu, strep, COVID-19, Pregnancy and Hemoccult while in office.

If you take a moment to invest in your healthcare – our staff will address all of your healthcare needs by working WITH YOU!